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Hôtel 5 étoiles - Italia - Lombardia - Lago di Como - Bellagio
Our cuisine presents a sequence of art expressions to excite your senses : eyesight, touch, taste and smell are enchanted by our products' freshness and genuineness, an harmonious and balanced way that highlights our passion in the preparation of these dishes.

The Chef Ettore Bocchia
The Agnolotti of fresh pasta stuffed with artichokes and potatoes with fresh tomato fillets.
An exemplary Italian cooking dish, with a variation of the stuffing, here based on artichokes and potatoes.
These vegetables were usually perceived as poor country products, but undoubtedly rich of taste and substance.
This course finds its wine match in
Franciacorta Bianco Cà del Bosco.
The half moons of fresh pasta with a stuffing of red turnips cooked in melted butter and poppy seeds.
The half moon of fresh pasta are stuffed with sweet and creamy red turnips enriched by grated Parmigiano cheese and aromatic herbs, then dressed with melted butter and poppy seeds that exalt its taste and flavour.
This dish comes from Ampezzo, the heart of the Dolomiti Alps, and it finds its wine match in :
Gewürztraminer "Tiefenbrunner".
The Mousse of Cucumber in Tomatoes emulsion.
At the same time a mousse of bold but light taste, that highlights its breeziness.
This dish is well served with : Gavi "Morgassi Superiore".
The Caprino Cheese in cabbage leafs with Sweet Peppers.
The goat cheese, a characteristic of the valleys thet surround us, with this different way of preparation, maintains the role of the protagonist on our tables.
This dish finds its wine match in : Bardolino "Ca Vegar".
The fillet of turbot sautéed in olive oil, in white wine sauce. Steamed asparagus tips and saffron potatoes.
The turbot wealthy taste is enhanced by the cooking in olive oil, in complete harmony with the white wine sauce and the ginger.
This course finds more harmony with :
Chardonnay "Tasca d'Almerita".
The escalopes of foie-gras and tails of shrimps ith salad in balmy vinegar sauce.
The combination of foie-gras, lightly burnt in frying pan, with steamed tails of shrimps completed by a sauce of balmy vinegar creates a sweet and salt harmony lightened by the new salads.
This dish finds its wine match in : "Dorigo".
The loin of lamb in crust of aromatic herbs and sweet lard. Steamed snow peas and noisette potatoes.
By cooking at low temperature this delicate meat we have respected his nature and highlighted the taste and the perfume with the fragrance of the aromatic herbs and the sweet lard.
This dish finds its wine match in :
Cabernet Fratta "Maculan"
The crispy pike with "caponata" of vegetables in a basil emulsion.
The excellent quality of the pike, a fresh water fish, allows us to cook in olive oil thus preserving its delicacy. The "caponata " of vegetables in a basil emulsion, exalts its taste in the most classic Mediterranean style.
A splendid companion of this course is :
Bolgheri Rosato Scalabrone "Antinori".
The assemblage of fresh fruit with vanilla sauce.
The dish takes life thanks to the variety types of shapes, colours and perfumes of the fresh fruit and the vanilla.

Il "Semifreddo" all'Italiana with citrus fruit sauce.
The "semifreddo", Italian famous dessert based on meringue, pistachios, candied fruit, pine-seeds and whipped cream with the citrus fruit sauce promotes a classic of the Italian ice creams.
This dessert is in direct harmony with :
Dolce Come - Moscato - "Tenaglia"

The chocolate soufflé with pear sauce and morello ice cream.
The art of presenting this dessert does express the importance that the chocolate has in our confectionery. A soufflé with a heart of creamy chocolate with pear sauce and whipped morello ice cream in liqueur.
This dish is completed by "Avignonesi"